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Tony’s story...

Tony is a keen photographer some of his beautiful flower photographs below

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I was diagnosed with Dementia about 8 years ago. I am now aged 53.


I had fallen out of bed and broken my hip when I had a Hypo. I woke up on the floor about 2:00am and tried to get some sugar but couldn’t get it. It was 2:30pm the following day when Denise came round and found me. I went into hospital and was in a coma for about a week and a half - two weeks, had a lumber puncture and a couple of strokes.


It was then that I was diagnosed. At the time I was working at Westgate Park and stopped work after my diagnosis.


I’m not sure how I heard about Peaceful Place but think it was through my Social worker.


When I first came to Peaceful Pace I was very shy and didn’t say anything to anyone, which is a bit like I am. I listened and felt welcome. I thought it was brilliant and was eager to start.


I enjoy everything at Peaceful Place although for the first couple of years I didn’t join in too much. At the time Peaceful Place was in Rochford and I enjoyed seeing a change of scenery and loved the journey.


I would say that coming to Peaceful Place definitely helps me. It brings you out of your shell, gives you a change of atmosphere. I enjoy talking to others and everyone listens and I’m willing to listen to others.


If I was asked what advice I would give someone else who has been diagnosed, it would be don’t be scared, go along with it and everything will be fine.

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