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Peaceful Practice


Art and crafts

Even a casual viewer of our website can see the joy our peaceful people get from creating art, from painting and photography to model making, embroidery, jewellery collage; we have the visual arts covered. But there is also music and sport, board games, gardening - anything that makes our time at Peaceful Place challenging and above all fun.


Some of our members are keen musicians and we are planning to greatly increase the therapeutic  and enlivening qualities that music brings to any group of people but especially those living with dementia. We encourage members to bring 


their instruments to Peaceful Place where they can share their skills and entertain us all. When our center opens after the Covid lockdown we will be collaborating with  Essex Music Therapy Services to bring their skills and talents to our members. 


Board Games

Nothing beats chess to keep our minds active and focused. And when something a little less intense is required we have a good supply of classic board games available.  

Snooker, Pool

If you prefer to stay on your feet we have a snooker/pool table with plenty of room for those awkward shots. 


...and Basketball

Although a trip to the park (two minutes from Peaceful Place) is required to practice Walking Football and other team sports we do have a basketball hoop for  those wanting to practice dunking something other than biscuits in tea.


If you are a keen gardener you'll find your green fingers put to work in our glass house. Located to catch the best sunlight in the garden. Tomatoes, herbs and flowers have been lovingly nurtured  on the way to our centres table and kitchen. 

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