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Malcolm's story...


I started having symptoms back in 2012, at the time I started to

get words mixed up or back to front. I went to see my GP but she sent me away with no referral or investigation. So my family and I assumed that everything was ok and we carried on as normal.


But over time these problems were getting worse and not going away. So I went to see another Doctor who recognised there was a problem and referred me to a Neurologist.


I waited a long time for an appointment, but eventually I was seen and over the next couple of years of having various tests done, I was sent to see a Professor at

UCL in London. I was then told that I had a rare dementia called Logopenic Primary Progressive Aphasia leaving me with speech problems and understanding speech.


At this time, I was working as a long-distance lorry driver. I drove a car transporter, which I very much enjoyed. I was told that because of my diagnosis I had to give up my job. I was 56 years of age and this was devastating for me. 


Life had changed forever, many things had to be sorted out. We were worried about our finances, how were we going to pay our mortgage and bills, would I receive benefits to cover this and support my family.


I was told about Peaceful Place the day I was diagnosed. I kept the details and I have now been coming for a year. I really enjoy Peaceful Place, playing snooker, golf and sports. I love sports and going for walks. I feel happy there.

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