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WhatsApp keeping Peaceful People together while apart.

To make sure our members kept in touch during Covid 19 we set up a dedicated WhatsApp group, it has been a great success in ways we did not expect. Birthdays were celebrated, music and art was shared but most importantly our members listened and supported each other in what could have been a very difficult and lonely time.




Morning all. Sorry, I have been AWOL for most of the house arrest, I'm sorry for this, but I am trying to get busy and I am too long and slow and rather than being frustrated with myself I get on with sculpting my houses and mushrooms. I must say that even texting is difficult. I can keep a quick nose to make sure G is using all the art style!!??    Morning G. keep yourself safe and all?  I can see both staff/members are only bored but not anything bad!   I think I have been putting my head in the sand! R


Nice to hear from you old man. lol x


Well! little old girl, hope you are keeping yourself safe and well? I hope we don't have to be in house arrest much longer, I'm missing the crew and staff. when I get online tomorrow l will have some speed texting. My hands don't work with my head and it doesn't work with my mobile. Hear from me tomorrow lunchtime. bye for now R




Morning how are you feeling today are the antibiotics really getting hold of your chest infection? What have you got planned for today?


Feeling better. Had a good sleep. Antibiotics are working well. I finish them today.


Thank you, all of you for being there, reading my moaning. I'm normally a fun person but this mania and lack of sleep is taking its toll. Eventually it will calm down and I will be "happy smiley me". No doubt we all have our off days but get through it in our own way .🥺


Hello it’s been lovely to hear from you just to know that you are connecting with us when it’s not a good day . I am really sorry about that. We are always with you and understand because we are like you up and down so never feel you cannot tell us and chat about it 👍




Afternoon everyone I'm not feeling too good today my anxiety playing up so I've been doing some colouring and watching Disney films which help .


AHH really sorry to hear that. Colouring is good to do so well done on that. Watching Disney film always brings a smile so I'm glad that has helped. Always on the other end of the line if you need to talk. Tomorrow's another day so keep your chin up


Oh that’s a shame about the anxiety but great you’re watching Disney is there something you think could have triggered it? What are your top 5 Disney films?

Below is a WhatsApp Chat  a couple of days before the Virus Lockdown 

The WhatsApp group welcome a new member to the centre, little did we know we were about to be closed down and that WhatsApp would become the only way we communicated for the foreseeable future. Our CEO Charlotte had somehow convinced a few of us to volunteer to join her in a massive cleaning spree to fend off the virus - strangely nobody saw our CEO lift any of the fancy new cleaning products she provided!

  • WhatsApp March 2020 conversation below

Peaceful Place



Some wonderful gifts from the CEO

Some anti virus masks work better than others


CEO insists Liz keeps polishing until she can see her face in the floor!

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-15 at

Carol keeping connected with her kids and grandkids.


Quiet times means we finally get to finish all those books.



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