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New website is ready at last.

Thanks to all our members for submitting their stories, pictures and amazing artwork. Not all the stories are uploaded yet but will be soon.

Members can you please look through the website and tell us where we got things wrong and fix my spelling mistakes!

We want to hear all your comments but to do so you need to be a member of the website.

This is quite straight forward. At the bottom of this page (and other news blog pictures) there is a "to leave comment" link. Click this link and you will be guided to a page where you set up a user name and password. This can be anything you like but if you are like me you are best to pick a simple one and write it down somewhere.

Becoming a member will also allow you to use the websites chat. We are all new to this so let's play with it and see if it is useful, it could be our Peaceful PLace WhatsApp replacement. The messages are only visible to members whereas the blog posts are visible to the world.

You will need to decide who is going to be our bloggers. Bloggers will need to update our weekly or daily stories. No rest for you guys when we return :) Of course, all members can comment. Become a member now.

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