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Meet Paul

‘My mother and Father were born in the UK but I was born in Hong Kong as my father served in the Army. I had various jobs throughout my career, a Paint Tinter and I also worked at Fords for 35 years. When I left Fords, I decided to become a Driving Instructor which I loved. Throughout my career I also enjoyed fundraising for various Charities. I live with my wife Maxine, who I love very much and I have three children and a stepdaughter. My favourite thing to do is have fun with my best buddy, Archie my grandson’. Pictured: 'Paul pictured in the middle'

Paul was diagnosed with Vascular dementia 2 years ago and reports that after he contracted covid he had a heart attack leading to the development of vascular dementia. Ever since his diagnosis Paul has been an active and supportive member of Peaceful Place.

Paul reports that after his diagnosis he found it difficult to find a supportive place that still made him ‘feel like me’. Paul’s lovely wife found Peaceful Place and came for a visit. They both instantly felt this was the place for Paul.

You want to keep your mind and body active, and keep yourself busy, but I found it so difficult to find that place, until we came across Peaceful Place. They have given me a new lease of life. My confidence has skyrocketed, there's so many different activities. My favourite is walking football.

Paul now runs quizzes at the centre for his peers. He enjoys all activities available and is a very lively participant of our recent Peaceful Buskerteer’s, conducted by Buskerteers Choir. ‘I love it’

Paul further reports that due to the physical social and cultural activities he engages with, which keeps his ‘brain ticking’, his dementia hasn’t progressed in the 2 years he has been at Peaceful Place.

Paul reports that he knows firsthand the value of having a choice of activities available to him and wants to play his part in spreading the word as well as fundraising to support his peers. He is inspired by Wendy Mitchell, Author and Times best seller who is a great advocate for living well with a Dementia and Paul was honoured to spend the day with Wendy at Peaceful Place and be given the opportunity to be interviewed with Wendy on his local radio station Gateway

Paul is keen to fundraise for Peaceful Place He plans to do a sponsored abseil alongside a few other members, staff and volunteers.

Paul exclaims, ‘At Peaceful Place, you are in a family, a really caring environment. Staff are marvellous. Peaceful Place as a whole has provided a lifeline to myself, and my wife and we are forever grateful. If you have a diagnosis of Dementia I encourage you to join our Peaceful community’

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