June 2020
Charity Shop refurb


Our charity Shop is having a make over!

No easy task with a shop full to the brim with donations from our wonderful supporters.  

However, this did not deter our fantastic volunteers who shifted the mountain of goods from room to room to pavement and back again so our builder could do his magic.

We hope to open the shop with reduced hours within the next few weeks.  All donations will need to be quarantined for 72 hours which will make it very difficult if everybody donated at the same time. It would be great if people would call us before dropping off goods as we can  tell them if we have space at that time or if they need  to hold on to the items for a day or two.

Donations until further notice will be Wednesdays and Fridays only.

Please only drop off donations when we are open.

We thank you all for your continuing support.

March 23rd 2020
Covid 19 Lockdown

Under Government guidance Peaceful Place temporarily closed the service on the 23rd March 2020.

To make sure that all our members kept in touch we set up a dedicated Peaceful Place WhatsApp group.

This has been a tremendous success - with members actively engaged on a daily, sometimes hourly basis, 
offering advice and support to one another and encouraging each other to take part in  various creative activities.

The results have been fantastic and can be seen on our 'Dementia Week' page.  

A special thanks to volunteers Pauline and Lesley for their inspiration and support to our members and their families during this lockdown period.



March  23rd 2020

Charity Shop closed for  Lockdown but people are still donating.

Not only has our centre had to close but we've also had to shut  down our hugely successful charity shop on North Avenue, Southend-on-sea.

However, well-meaning donors have been leaving bags of clothes and other items  outside the store with nobody there during the day to take them inside.

Once again a volunteer came to the rescue. Massive thanks to Maggie Hutchins our  Charity shop volunteer for making sure any donations are removed from the Charity shop door.

May 10th 2020
hopping to make Peaceful Place Pond their new home.

Whilst we are all in

lockdown a frog decided

to take advantage of the quiet and set up home in our beautiful pond. 


Of course he or she is very welcome- although  they are not making themselves easy to spot.

See picture ...the frog was there a minute ago, I promise.

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