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Music therapy

We have partnered with Suffolk Music Therapy Services to bring music therapy to Peaceful Place. 

We are all familiar with the story of music having a positive effect on persons living in later stages of dementia. We at Peaceful Place are embarking on a new approach. We are running a pilot project of ten weeks to see what music can do to help us in early stage dementia.

At the end of this trial we will publish our findings and hopefully get funding to continue the project on our more long term basis. So far it has been great fun, uplifing for us all after the isolaton of lockdown.

If that was the only outcome it would be well worth the investment.


As people living with early onset dementia, we are keen to engage with all forms of research to gain a better understanding and where possible seek ways to delay the process of onset dementia. Those interested in research in this area please make contact with us as we are, after all, experts by experience.

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