Peaceful Place was established in 1996 to offer specialised help and support for people in South East Essex living with young onset dementia

There are countless other ways that you can support Peaceful Place and we have listed a few below. If you have any other ideas then please, don’t hesitate to contact us.



  • Volunteer to do a few hours in our charity shop or help with fundraising

  • Hold a raffle for us at work, a social club, school, church, etc.

  • Donate unwanted clothes and items to our charity shop

  • Sponsored casual clothes day at work. Charge £1 to wear your own clothes and £2 for anyone that doesn’t join in!

  • Go and browse in our charity shop and see if you can't unearth an amazing bargain

  • Hold a competition at work for the worst tie or get everyone to come in wearing a silly hat or in fancy-dress 

  • Volunteer to distribute leaflets for us

  • Ask the Secretary of your club or society if Peaceful Place can come and speak at one of your get-togethers

  • Let us print something about Peaceful Place in your company newsletter, school newsletter or church magazine

  • Sponsor one of our events or advertise in our newsletter (please ask for details)

  • Offer us commission on sales generated by us, and we will include your business in the directory on our website

  • Re-cycle old mobile phones, printer cartridges or other goods for cash on our behalf

  • Donate items to us when you take advantage of a Buy One Get One Free deal

  • Host an open garden event - do you have a gorgeous garden with gigantic gardenias or a woeful garden with a wealth of weeds? Either way, hold an open garden for us and charge people to admire it or sympathise with you

  • Sweepstakes - hold a sweepstake on a big horse-race, who is going to win the World Cup, or other sporting occasions and donate the money raised.

  • Come Dine with Me - hold a meal event and invite friends charging so much per head, this could be an evening meal or an afternoon tea - the choice is yours!

  • Christmas cards - instead of sending each other Christmas cards, why not agree to donate a small amount each to Peaceful Place instead

  • Restaurant meals - many restaurants will offer a cash back for charities on certain nights, if you're going out with a group anyway, why not ask the restaurant if they will do this (we can give you a list of a few names around Southend on request)

  • Organise a sponsored run, walk, diet, hair-wax, or be sponsored to stop smoking.

  • Form a 100 club. 100 people pay in a small amount each week, 50% of money is given out as 1st and 2nd prize and the rest is given to Peaceful Place

  •  Have a swear box at work and charge per swear word (of course we are not condoning swearing, just profiting from it!)

  • Party Plan - hold a Virgin Vie, Body Shop, Phoenix card, jewellery party and donate the commission to Peaceful Place


Our services make all the difference for people with Young Onset Dementia and their families. This is only possible because of the support of volunteers, fundraisers and those who continue to donate to this important cause. Please, help us to change lives; whether you wish to volunteer in our day centre or charity shop or you have a great fundraising idea, it all goes towards a great cause.

Looking to make a donation? You can do so by clicking the link below. Thank you for your kindness.



The Peaceful Place Ltd

 261 Timberlog Lane, Basildon, Essex. SS14 1PA

Registered charity no. 1127072   Registered company no. 05618159